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解决方案 to make 混合动力的工作, 更好地工作


Today’s workforce requires a new approach to transform the challenges of hybrid work into opportunities for innovation. 威尼斯人 helps you make 混合动力的工作, work for each individual and team everywhere.


Organizations need to safely welcome workers back, while enabling sustainable operational models. Transform your workspace to connect people in new ways and support their health and well-being.


协作, 安全, 网络, 云, and applications are all integral for the new era of work. Bring it all together with agility, efficiency, and growth where you need it.


Data-driven insights to guide your decisions for the hybrid work era.


混合动力工作 in manufacturing

Empower your workers whether at home, in the factory, 或在任何地方.

Breaking news doesn’t wait. See how 威尼斯人 is there to deliver.


Talk to a hybrid work specialist

Our experts are here to help you build the hybrid work solution that meets the needs of your employees, workspaces and technology stack.

混合动力工作 that works, with CX guidance

Empower teams to work anywhere, at any time. Our industry-leading expertise and services can help you build and optimize a collaborative and secure infrastructure.


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